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Daily Inspiration, June 22nd, 2012

In honor of my blog’s first birthday I’m going to go ‘retro’ and revive what was supposed to be a main stay of this blog, the Daily Inspiration.  Apparently I don’t find nearly as many things inspirational as I thought … Continue reading

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One Year Later

Well, it’s been a year and I’m still posting.  There have been some dry spells here and there and some of my early blogging ideas didn’t pan out but I’m still plugging away.

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Return of the Pizza Box?

The recent, um, ‘upgrade’ to the Mac Pro followed by the unconfirmed leak (which was later confirmed) about real upgrades possibly coming to the Mac Pro next year got me thinking again about what a totally redesigned Mac Pro could look like. My theory is … Continue reading

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Change coming for Hulu and Apple?

Not exactly late breaking news but still interesting none the less. According to this article Hulu is moving to an ‘authentication’ model where content would be tied to having a cable subscription (like HBO GO is today).  That seems like … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s SmartGlass

Microsoft’s SmartGlass gets official: app brings AirPlay-esque streams to Android, iOS and Windows Phone In a nutshell Microsoft’s SmartGlass app is what Apple’s AirPlay could be if Apple played well with others.  MS making SmartGlass available on all mobile devices … Continue reading

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Minecraft and alternate distribution methods

The simply addictive game Minecraft is another example of successful ‘open’ development where the creators are working with their audience from an early stage of the dev cycle as opposed to only presenting a finished product at the end. How … Continue reading

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Apple and their ‘TV hobby’

Recently at the D:  All Things Digital conference Time Cook, when asked about the various Apple TV rumors, said that TV is “an area of intense interest for [Apple].” In the past Steve Jobs referred to Apple TV as a … Continue reading

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If you want ‘new media’ success it helps to already be popular

I recently read an interesting blog post by John Scalzi called “Amanda Palmer, Kickstarter, and Everything” talking about Amanda Palmer (solo artist, formerly of The Dresden Dolls) and her ridicoulosly successful Kickstarter campaign.  She asked for 100k and could very … Continue reading

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Medium is changing… content? Not so much.

I’ve gotten into a number of discussions recently about how broadcast and cable TV is dieing, that there is a new wave of Internet-centric content that will wash away the ‘old media’ and a new generation of kids will grow … Continue reading

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FCP 7 Media Manager and custom sequence settings

Although FCP’s Media Manager function was pretty dicey in the past (it was commonly called the “Media Mangler”) it achieved ‘reliable’ status by the time FCP 7 came out.  It does still have some limitations though.  For one, you can’t … Continue reading

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