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Rolling with the punches and doing your homework

A large part of workflow development is adapting to new problems as they come up.  Even the best made plans can quickly spiral towards catastrophe if just a single link in the chain breaks.  This happened to me not too … Continue reading

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Transcripts are awesome

Just in case you missed the title of this post I’ll repeat, transcriptions are awesome. They can be read faster than the source material can be watched. They can be keyword searched. They can be emailed to anyone and read … Continue reading

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Vanishing Data

People in Post are the only ones worrying about how to safe guard their work. Race to save digital art from the rapid pace of technological change Pioneers of computer art are in danger of becoming the lost generation of … Continue reading

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Is Cloud gaming a precursor to Cloud editing?

OnLive is a streaming gaming service that allows users to play games via their Mac, PC, home TV (with the use of the OnLive Microconsole) and, if all goes as planned, even their iPad by the end of the year.  … Continue reading

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RAID is not a backup

On multiple occasions I’ve seen people use the term “backup” when talking about RAID 1 or RAID 5 and that is not correct. RAID 1 and RAID 5 provide redundancy but they do not provide a backup. Redundancy protects you … Continue reading

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Post Production is a Misnomer

Workflow development and asset management is the unsexy, red-headed stepchild of our industry. Many people see it a boring, tedious thing filled with a lot of numbers, labels, documents and other things that are deemed non-creative. So why should creative … Continue reading

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