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Difference between frame rate and timecode.

There are lots of head-scratchers in the world of video and I don’t think many are more perplexing than fractional frame rates and drop frame vs non-drop timecode.  I won’t get into the technical history of why frame rates like 29.97, 23.98, … Continue reading

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FCP 7 Media Manager and custom sequence settings

Although FCP’s Media Manager function was pretty dicey in the past (it was commonly called the “Media Mangler”) it achieved ‘reliable’ status by the time FCP 7 came out.  It does still have some limitations though.  For one, you can’t … Continue reading

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Avid to FCP to Color wasn’t too painful.

Recently I used Apple Color to color a couple of short corporate pieces that originated in Avid.  There’s more than one way to get from Avid into Color and the editor and I decided to go the AAF route as … Continue reading

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Rolling with the punches and doing your homework

A large part of workflow development is adapting to new problems as they come up.  Even the best made plans can quickly spiral towards catastrophe if just a single link in the chain breaks.  This happened to me not too … Continue reading

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