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Microsoft’s SmartGlass

Microsoft’s SmartGlass gets official: app brings AirPlay-esque streams to Android, iOS and Windows Phone In a nutshell Microsoft’s SmartGlass app is what Apple’s AirPlay could be if Apple played well with others.  MS making SmartGlass available on all mobile devices … Continue reading

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Minecraft and alternate distribution methods

The simply addictive game Minecraft is another example of successful ‘open’ development where the creators are working with their audience from an early stage of the dev cycle as opposed to only presenting a finished product at the end. How … Continue reading

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Apple and their ‘TV hobby’

Recently at the D:  All Things Digital conference Time Cook, when asked about the various Apple TV rumors, said that TV is “an area of intense interest for [Apple].” In the past Steve Jobs referred to Apple TV as a … Continue reading

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If you want ‘new media’ success it helps to already be popular

I recently read an interesting blog post by John Scalzi called “Amanda Palmer, Kickstarter, and Everything” talking about Amanda Palmer (solo artist, formerly of The Dresden Dolls) and her ridicoulosly successful Kickstarter campaign.  She asked for 100k and could very … Continue reading

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Medium is changing… content? Not so much.

I’ve gotten into a number of discussions recently about how broadcast and cable TV is dieing, that there is a new wave of Internet-centric content that will wash away the ‘old media’ and a new generation of kids will grow … Continue reading

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4k sooner than I thought?

A few weeks ago if you would’ve asked my opinion about 4k I would’ve said that it’ll stay mainly in very hi-end acquisition but that’s about it for the foreseeable future.  HD as we know it was nearly a decade … Continue reading

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Golden Age of Corporate Video?

I read an interesting article at called Own-branded TV channels boost consumer engagement and that got me thinking that we might be entering a golden age of corporate video. For many people, myself included, the term “corporate video” conjures … Continue reading

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iDevices, coming to a newsroom near you!

Leak shows Gannett stockpiling thousands of iPhones, iPads for journalists I don’t think news departments are going to toss out all their full-sized cameras, but for ‘breaking news’ quick, dirty and mobile is most likely going to win the day … Continue reading

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Good-bye cable box. Hello ‘Xbox 360 Mini’?

Xbox 360 live TV apps official: AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, more Microsoft has made deals with TV providers like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast as well as individual channels such as HBO, Bravo and SyFy in their on-going effort to make the … Continue reading

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Avid to FCP to Color wasn’t too painful.

Recently I used Apple Color to color a couple of short corporate pieces that originated in Avid.  There’s more than one way to get from Avid into Color and the editor and I decided to go the AAF route as … Continue reading

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