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Netflix and the future of streaming

As I’m sure many of you have heard, Netflix stock has been plummeting since this summer’s Qwikster fiasco. The stock is currently trading in the mid-70’s and less than four months ago it was at a record high of about … Continue reading

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Public Domain and Copyright

EU Officially Seizes The Public Domain, Retroactively Extends Copyright As was unfortunately expected, despite no evidence that this made any economic sense at all, the member states of the EU have agreed to retroactively extend copyright another 20 years, at … Continue reading

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Transcripts are awesome

Just in case you missed the title of this post I’ll repeat, transcriptions are awesome. They can be read faster than the source material can be watched. They can be keyword searched. They can be emailed to anyone and read … Continue reading

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Don’t up-rez footage in FCP

On a number of occasions I’ve seen, or read about, people dropping SD clips into HD timelines in FCP and just letting the program automatically scale the SD footage up to HD. While quick and convenient it doesn’t generate very … Continue reading

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Winter (a new doc from the Ski Channel)

Here’s a trailer I cut for a doc I’m editing called “Winter” for The Ski Channel.  

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