Hello world!

Ah, another day and another average Joe fires up a blog thinking others will find his thoughts and opinions interesting.  I know I’m a little late to the band wagon but what the hell.  I’ve heard that the average life of a blog is roughly one month so I guess that should be my first mile marker.

I’m not going to ramble incessantly about my cat (she’s super cute, BTW) or go into fine detail about what I’m having for breakfast (typically an energy bar and a banana) but I am going to share my experiences in the post production world and my opinions (and possibly even insights) on the entertainment industry and technology in general.  Today’s tech is pushing the pace of everything from how high-end films are made to how people read their favorite books and I think it’s fascinating to be involved in this revolution of creation and consumption.

The blog is still in a state of flux so don’t be surprised if you notice frequent changes and be sure to check back often as a goal is to add new content each day (hey, no laughing back there).

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