Daily Inspiration, July 8th, 2011

Driving through Los Angeles may not sound like it would inspire much of anything short of road rage and frustration but the area does have its moments.  On a regular basis I get to drive through Topanga Canyon and then take the PCH down the coast.  For those not familiar with Topanga Canyon it is a 10 mile, meandering climb and descent through a portion of the Santa Monica Mountains that feels more like driving through Appalachia than Los Angeles.  The drive through the twisting pass culminates with a final switch back that suddenly opens up to a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.

I can only imagine what it was like for early explorers all over the world, not just in what is now southern California, to spend days picking their through rocky canyons and then to suddenly have a vast ocean appear before them.  For most, I would assume, that would be the end of the line.  But for a few the seemingly endless ocean was the beginning of a new journey.  And it’s those crazy few that I find inspirational.  The ones that looked at the ocean and saw it as the path to a new land and not as a boundary to their current one.


What inspired you today?

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