We are way past ‘good enough’

What do the movies November, 28 Days later, Open Water and Murderball all have in common? They were all shot in DV and had theatrical releases.
That’s right, S-freakin’-D projected on the big screen for all to see! One of them, November, actually won Best Cinematography at Sundance.

From Canon’s T2i to Sony’s EX-1 to RED’s EPIC there is almost a glut of cameras across the whole spectrum. It looks like a filmmaker’s wet dream yet some people aren’t happy. The T2i doesn’t have good enough specs, the EX-1 doesn’t have interchangeable lenses and the EPIC is too expensive… Really? Cameras are dropping like manna from heaven yet some people only see a few reasons why they can’t use a specific camera instead of all the reasons why they can.

I guess that is the difference between the people that want to make films and the people that make films.

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