Golden Age of Corporate Video?

I read an interesting article at called Own-branded TV channels boost consumer engagement and that got me thinking that we might be entering a golden age of corporate video.

For many people, myself included, the term “corporate video” conjures up images of rather dry business-to-business talking heads and groan-inducing company training skits.   If a company wanted to talk directly to their customers /  potential customers they would need to make a commercial, buy ad time and hope that when their commercial aired at least some of the audience was their target demographic.

Now with the prevalence of  video streaming, companies aren’t limited to a 30 second long shot in the dark on broadcast or cable TV.  They are freed up to create everything from traditional 30 second spots to video guides showing people how to use their products and host this content either on sites like YouTube or their own servers.  This really opens the doors for how companies can use video to not only sell themselves but also educate their user base.


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